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Haversack London was founded in 2016 by Quentin Mackay who had a vision to modernise a versatile and unisex bag style which many of his generaton, both male and female used, wore and personalised to express their individual beliefs, social groups, music and interests. The Haversack, with its roots in the military, has served as a stylish, expressive, durable and functional accessory through generations. You probably even had one or knew someone who had one yourself. Quentin has had a long career designing accessories internationally for large and small brands, corporations and startups and truly has a passion for bags and accessories. Following graduation from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2000 with a BA Honours, he was immediately hired by Loewe Madrid as a general accessories designer, then moved to Tanner Krolle, London and finally to Samsonite as its Global Creative Director, before striking out on his exciting new venture to re-launch the Haversack to a whole new audience.

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Haversack London collections are proudly Made In England by craftsmen and Women, helping to support other businesses and helping to maintain centuries old manufacturing traditions and skills. England has a rich and long manufacturing history, much of which has now disappeared, but there are still some small factories and workshops with passionate owners that continue these traditional and valuable skills. Haversack London is Made In England and supports these businesses in partnership, to mantain, promote and grow both businesses successfully.

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Featured in Coach Magazine in a feature on the best backpacks for men
Link - http://www.coachmag.co.uk/style/5197/the-best-backpacks-for-men

Copy article-
The cooler kids at your school might have slung a heavily-tippexed British-army original over one (always one) shoulder, but this new London heritage brand is making military bags 21st-century style. The look is faithful to the 1937 design, though – the core collection is made from cotton canvas and retains the split buckles for easy access, but it comes in modern colourways and has a zippered internal pocket for valuables. And because it folds down small, it’s a great day bag to pack for your next European city break.

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The Haversack as featured in the Design Museums 'FIFTY BAGS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD'
The Haversack is one of the oldest and most iconic bags styles which, for decades, has been an internationally recognised and widely used accessory. Few such accessories have travelled through history and remained loyal to their original design and been a constant companion in the lives of many adventurers, soldiers, scholars, creatives, artists, socialites, fashionistas, leaders, activists and revolutionaries. The Haversack has been present when continents have been discovered, mountains climbed and poles conquered, lands won, treaties signed, masterpieces created and leaderships prevailed. The Haversack has accompanied man in his discoveries of the planet, and it has kept man alive in the triumph of battles by carrying life saving supplies, food and munitions. It has carried books, pens and artists tools to places of study and creation, and it has carried documents and manuscripts of importance. It has been one of the most versatile, functional, simple, stylish, iconic and international unisex bags which has played a huge yet silent role in shaping the world that we live in today.

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Discover its History

The Haversack style has a fascinating history, travelling way back to Journeymen and historical characters. The style has been in existence for centuries and was given its modern name of 'Haversack' early in the 19th Century when the military adopted it to carry soldiers supplies and particularly the 'Havercake’. The havercake was a rough type of biscuit made from oats and water. Oats were the staple food of the poor, especially in the textile districts of the North of England during the shortages caused by the Napoleonic Wars. A havercake was made of a thick biscuit that provided a convenient way to take food to the factory for the mid-day meal, and the Haversack was the bag it was carried in. Havercakes carried in Haversacks was also used widely by the military for soldiers to carry their rations. The Duke of Wellington's Regiment was nicknamed the 'Havercake Lads' because the recruiting Sergeants would display a havercake held aloft on a bayonet, signifying that food would never be short if one enlisted; a great encouragement to recruiting when the general population was starving.

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The Haversack was generally about 30cm by 30cm with a single or double buckle-down flap to close, and could be folded in three and stored away when empty. For the military this made it neat, and when held to the side by the soldiers belt in its folded form, it became part of the uniform of many regiments in the British Army.

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​Haversacks were also in use during the American Civil War, as recounted in General Ulysses S. Grant's memoirs, "In addition to the supplies transported by boat, the men were to carry forty rounds of ammunition in the cartridge-boxes and four days' rations in Haversacks.”

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In 1910 the U.S. Army adopted the Haversack as the standard backpack for all infantrymen. 'The pack is essentially a sheet of rugged khaki-coloured canvas that folds around its contents (bedroll, clothing, daily rations, and assorted personal items), and is held together by flaps and adjustable buckle-straps'. This pack remained in service, most notably during World War I, until 1928 when it was superseded by a slightly modified pack. However, thousands of surplus haversacks were issued during World War II to compensate for shortages in war-time textile production.

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This military styling is the inspiration in the new Haversack London style, presenting it in a contemporary way, with multiple colour choices, making it a must-have addition to any style modernista's wardrobe.



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