Mens Retro Clothing, Mod Clothing, Terraces Menswear

Mens Retro Clothing, Mod Clothing, Terraces Menswear 


Let's face it, if you're not into music, fashion and film with the odd drink and football thrown in for good measure, then you're not really interested in life are you? Music and fashion have shaped the development of youth subcultures ever since the younger generation became independent and stopped wearing the same boring stuff their parents wore way back in the 1950's. One era that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the Mod movement of the 1960's, when music and fashion influenced a nation and a whole new subculture was born!

At Indi Menswear we like anything with a retro vibe. Retro clothing with heritage and a Modern twist for the man of today. Mod, retro & Terraces clothing brands from the 1960's Mod scene right through the 1970's Mod revival and Northern Soul scene and through to the 80s Casuals and the Paninari of Milan.

London's Carnaby street was the hotspot for many of the Mod brands such as Ben Sherman, Merc, Gabicci Vintage, Fred Perry, Baracuta and Brutus Trimfit, and Mods would flock in the hundreds on their scooters every weekend to buy the latest clobber and listen to the latest tunes.


The Mods loved their clothes, especially the slim fitting tailored suits, boating blazers, Crombie style coats, polo shirts, Paisley pattern shirts, graphic pattern T Shirts and Mod shoes, and of course the Parka jacket to keep it all clean and smart while riding their Lambretta or Vespa scooter. Music of the day came from the musical greats such as The Who, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones and seaside resorts such as Margate, Brighton and Scarborough became the gathering places, and often battle grounds with the Rockers! The film and musical masterpiece Quadrophenia by The Who has become the iconic standout Mod film of all time and the story of the Mods has endured to this day. The music may have moved on through musical greats such as Paul Weller, The Jam, Oasis and David Bowie (and a whole host of other bands and artists over the years), but the basic Mod style remains the same-slim silhouette, buttoned collar, smart/casual, always pushing the boundaries of fashion but always dapper!


The late 1960's and 1970's saw a North/South split in musical tastes, with funky sounds in the South and the growth of Northern Soul in the North. Northern Soul is as big today as it has ever been, with events all over the country every weekend. But back then the all-nighters pushing the boundaries of this new underground sound were clubs such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester 1963-1971 and Peter Stringfellow's Mojo Club in Sheffield, followed by The Golden Torch in Stoke 1972-1973 and then the World famous Wigan Casino 1973-1981, which created a fashion and dance culture of it's own, with Oxford bags (baggy trousers) and vests for the dancing and a bowling bag with a change of clothing for the journey there and back. Daytime clothing was still based on the earlier Mod style, which brought a huge resurgence throughout the 1970's and has endured to this day.


Today's Modernist has created his own style-still faithful to the original Retro Mod style but with a modern twist for the man of today. Remember those famous words by Jimmy in the iconic film Quadrophenia? 'I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a Mod, see?'. Don't be like everyone else; create your own Mod style with retro menswear and heritage menswear brands with a nod to the sixties and seventies but with your own modern style. Try new things, new brands, new looks, push the boundaries, but remain faithful to the Mod style. After all, it's a way of life!




At Indi Menswear we like anything with a retro vibe. Designer Menswear brands with heritage and a Modern twist for the man of today. Mens Retro clothing from the 1960's Mod scene right through the 1970's Mod revival and Northern Soul scene and through to the 80s Casuals and the Paninari of Milan. Mens Retro clothing brands that are as popular today as they have ever been.

Brands such as-

Merc Clothing - born in Carnaby Street in 1967 and now a Worldwide mod clothing brand with a huge following. Famous for their Tobias Parka, Harrington Jacket, Boating Blazer and Winston Stapress Trousers.

Gabicci Vintage 1973 - always popular with Mods, Skins, Rude Boys and the Northern Soul scene but as modern as any brand out there today

Art Gallery Clothing - A Unique Collection of Mod Menswear Inspired By The 1960's Mod Era, Designed And Produced By East London Mod Alex Banks. From fine gauge cotton knits to super-soft Merino wool polo shirts, fitted shirts, T Shirts and accessories. Mod Clothing at its finest!

Ben Sherman - a leading subculture brand since the late 1950's. Famous for their fitted shirts. Recently the focus of a buy-out, with huge plans for growth, Ben Sherman is set to become a leading mod clothing brand again.

Brutus Clothing - the original Brutus Trimfit Shirt with 3-finger roll collar, darts and box pleat. Worn by the Mods, Skins, Rude Boys and Soulies since 1967, as well as any self-respecting Modernista who wants to look really dapper in a quality shirt. Brutus is growing into a full-scale collection and we've got it sorted!


Modern football terraces and street wear from brands such as-

Weekend Offender - Streetwear and Terraces Clothing inspired by Football Casuals and the Britpop Music Scene. Worn by Liam Gallagher, Bradley Wiggins, Idris Elba and many more. Look for the Prison logo! Perfect for the terraces and very cool street wear for men

Nicholas Deakins - one of the most popular Football Casuals and Streetwear labels today. Famous for their jackets, including Collaborations with heritage brand Peter Storm.

80s Casuals Clothing - exclusive limited edition T Shirts with their skilful take on the football casuals, sporting and Mod scene through the decades. Seamless T Shirts - some of the 80s Casuals T Shirts designs are now collectors items.


Our Mens Footwear offer includes mens footwear brands -

Gola Trainers - since 1905 and the most popular trainer brand during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Once manufactured in our home town of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The Made In England styles are now made in Northampton to a very high standard.

Spring Court from Paris since 1936. The first trainer designed for use on clay courts. A breathable tennis shoe with vulcanised rubber sole, which were very popular in the 1960's. In fact, John Lennon is wearing Spring Court Trainers on the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road album! These trainers are very comfy!

Novesta sneakers from Czeckoslovakia, dating back to the early 1930's, is one of the best-loved and most popular brands in Europe. Designed to the highest ethical standards and made from natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen, following years of tradition and heritage. But most of all they look great, with their chunky toes and huge chrome eyelets, in a wide variety of colours and styles. We have the Novesta Universal Works collaboration collection, an exclusive collection available through a select few UK retailers.

Nicholas Deakins - since 1991.Now a leading global brand worn on football terraces and on the streets everywhere. The Nicholas Deakins footwear collection is innovative and original and made to high ethical standards and superb quality.

Ikon Originals

Retro Classic and Mod Shoes For Men. Mod shoes including mens tassel loafers, chelsea boots, desert boots. Northern Soul dancing shoes including bowling shoes and retro style leather sole brogues and Jam shoes . Ikon Originals timeless classics at Indi Menswear.

Mens Accessories

Tayroc Watch - Cutting edge design for the modern man. Tayroc Watches are very stylish, really affordable and make the perfect gift.



We sell Mod, Retro & Terraces Clothing online. We therefore have lower overheads than most High Street retailers. This means that our prices are permanently lower than Manufacturers Recommended Prices on most items. It would be impossible to offer free delivery on every order; but we do offer FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £50. All orders are packed in high quality mailing bags and sent by Royal Mail Signed For. So every delivery is automatically insured in transit. If you are not home when Postie calls then you will be left a card for collection from your local depot (don't forget to take ID with you).

*We make every effort to buy ethical products and never knowingly sell anything which may have caused harm to animals either in testing or in manufacture. We do not sell fur or down and most wool products. We put animal welfare before profit!

Mens Retro Clothing, Mod Clothing, Terraces Menswear